Monday, 5 October 2009

Its been a fast news day!

No sooner had I set the record straight from the article in the Independent on Sunday but the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail come out with equally extreme versions of the Indy's argument!

My book doesnt "threaten" ancient myths and I am not "shattering" ancient legends - my point is to explore them! From reading these articles you would feel that I was single-handedly bringing down ancient Greece and grinding it into the dust under my heel! Nothing could be further from the truth - by writing about it, I want to build up its reputation and importance, not destroy it!

Thankfully there seem to be some level-headed commentators out there who have added their voices to the on-line articles - with perhaps the best comment being this: "lets reserve judgement on what the book really says till we read the book" I couldn't agree more - read the book and you will see the esteem in which I hold the ancient world!

Hopefully that came across also in my discussion of the book on this morning's radio 4 Today Programme:

Simon Jenkins, Guardian columnist and I were discussing the arguments in the book - particularly thinking about the relevance the example of 4th century Athens has for the 21st century.

Was very happy to see that people were taking the on-line commentators' advice to read the book: at close of play it had risen to 195th bestselling book on!

Lets put the ancient Greeks where they deserve to be: front and centre of our attentions!

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